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Fat Loss

If you have a goal of losing body fat for good, being able to train at your best weight, supporting longevity and creating optimal health, this program is for you. 


We used to think weight loss was a simple function of calories in versus calories out, but that's a hard and stressful model with a slippery slope to a life sentence of restriction. If you’re a present or past calorie counter, you probably know all too well the feelings associated with calorie restriction. The fatigue, hunger, cravings, mood swings, energy swings, fear of fats, fear of certain foods and an almost constant preoccupation with food! 


In this program I will teach you what's required for sustainable and healthful fat loss. Along the journey you will gain appetite control, stable energy and stable mood. By the end of this program you will be on track to your fat loss goal. 


  • 1 x 60 minute Initial Consultation

  • 4 x 45 minute Follow-up Consultations (to be held over 6 months)

  • 4 x 15 minute Coaching Calls (to be held over 6 months)

  • Email support between appointments

  • Documented notes following each appointent

  • Meal planning 

  • Training suggestions 

  • Lifestyle suggestions

  • Coaching and mindset support

  • Supplement guidance and access to practitioner grade supplements

  • Test result analysis and reporting


What to Expect

  • I take the time to learn about your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and past barriers to success

  • We'll discuss practical tips to ensure that your Nutrition Goals are not only efficacious, but achievable and sustainable

  • In your Initial Consultation we cover your health history, current health status and future goals. Using this information, we establish supplement, lifestyle, meal building, meal timing and nutrient timing requirements to support your fat loss goals

  • In your Follow-up Consultation we discuss your progress, challenges and/or set backs as well as review any test results. We use this information to refine your ongoing plan

  • In subsequent Consultations we discuss your progress to date and required focuses for the month ahead

  • In Coaching Calls we troubleshoot practical or mindset challenges and discuss your queries

  • Along the journey we will address nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, mind-set, available test results, training considerations, nutrient deficiencies, hormone health and gut health



  • Required: blood tests (covered by Medicare) are highly recommended and will be discussed in your Initial Consultation. If you require blood testing outside of Medicare you may be eligible to receive a 10% discount

  • Optional: gut health testing and hormone profiling will come at an additional cost if desired



  • Supplements are only required based on your current health, future goals and test results


  • Paid In Full Option: $981 exc GST (SAVE $53)

  • Payment Plan Option: two x monthly payments of $514.50 exc GST

Get started

  • Book your Initial Consultation using the button below or commence with a Complimentary Discovery Call here

If you are Australian based and your private health insurance package includes 'Nutrition' your program with me will be redeemable. Instructions will be given on payment of your program.



The women I work with don't eat 'bad food' which means the solution is not as simple as eating 'good food'.  This is about finding the right food for you as well as lifestyle change and that's why the support of a program helps to achieve the best results. 

What Others are Saying

"Elly introduced me to the world of fat adaptation for increased energy and sustainable weight loss and I have never looked back".

Isabel, Mother & Teacher

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