I trust that if you’ve found yourself here it’s not through lack of access to nutrition information.

My passion for working one on one is so, because I want to help you cut through the bias of media and social media and connect you with nutrition that is right for you. Food that will help you to achieve optimal health.


Remember, nutrition is relative. That’s why working with a professional to manage gut health, fat loss, training nutrition, sports fuelling, hormone imbalances, low energy and low mood is how the best results can be achieved. 


My practice is holistic in nature which means rather than treating symptoms alone, through consultation and functional testing we get to the root of your health challenges and identify areas for optimising. We use diet to set the strongest of foundations and, where necessary, supplements to bridge the gap or speed up the healing process. 


If you’re after root cause, long term success and ready to make change then, let's go.


  • I take the time to learn about your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and past barriers to success. 

  • We’ll set goals so you can rest assured knowing that everything discussed and implemented is with those goals in mind. 

  • I’ll be your mirror, which sometimes means challenging conversations but it can also mean a kind and unbiased reflection. 

  • I'll deliver insights and education to help motivate change. 

  • Practical tips to ensure that your Nutrition Goals are not only efficacious, but achiveable and sustainable. 

  • Documentation of your Nutrition Goals following every session. 

  • Direction on what testing may be required to help get you closer to your goals as well as discussion and documented analysis of the results. 

  • Referrals to the relevant professionals when required, as I truly believe that you need the right team to support your health goals.

I offer complimentary 15 minute consultations, so please request this if you want to meet before we get started. 


Consultations are available on Tuesday and Wednesday's in Hampton at Seed Chiropractic. 

Seed Chiropractic, 406 Hampton St, Hampton, 3188


Consultations available on Thursday and Saturday's on the Surf Coast at It's All Yoga Wellness Rooms. 

It's All Yoga, 2a Baines Cres. Torquay. 3228.


Virtual consultations are available Monday - Saturday so that you can conduct your consultation from anywhere in the world.  Please note that if you have an iPhone appointments will be held by FaceTime and if you don't, they will be held via zoom. Details will be in your appointment confirmation email. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions about the service best suited to you.

Otherwise, let's go!


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