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Episode 41: Optimising Egg Quality and Female Factor Fertility With Naturopath Erin Reid.

Today I welcome Naturopath, Nutritionist and The Director of Alpine Natural Health, Erin Reid. Erin has a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Naturopathy, and an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine. She is also a registered Yoga Teacher and is currently completing her Masters in Reproductive Medicine to further assist her fertility and reproductive health patients. Oh, and she’s also a Mum.

In today’s episode Erin helps to answer the question - I’m female, how can I check my fertility? We discuss the relevance of measures such as AMH, what it tests and what the results mean. Erin highlights the difference between egg quality and egg quantity and how each of these metrics then influence the chances of conceiving and birthing a healthy baby. We also discuss the many factors influencing egg quality including toxin exposure, nutritional deficiency, medications, hormonal contraceptives and blood sugar control. My hope is that this episode empowers all women of reproductive age who would like to keep pregnancy on cards to take an active approach to optimising and preserving their fertility.

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