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Episode 47: Vaginal Microbiome, Endometriosis and Fertility With Karen Saunders

Updated: May 9, 2023

Today I welcome Karen Saunders, The Women’s Naturopath back to the show. She has appeared on the show previously, but for those that don’t know her she specialises in the management of hormonal issues, such as PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fertility and burnout. She’s very comfortable discussing vaginal and sexual health which is why she’s here on the show today.

In this episode Karen introduces us to the vaginal microbiome and testing of the vaginal microbiome, including the difference between a standard vaginal swab and the more comprehensive vaginal microbiome mapping now available. We discuss the relevance of vaginal microbiome assessment as part of a preconception journey and it’s influence on fertility, miscarriage and pre-term labour. We also discuss the influence of bacterial imbalances on pelvic inflammatory diseases including endometriosis. There is so much more, so tune in to hear it all!

I would love all women to listen to this episode, especially women with a goal of conceiving or history of endometriosis or infertility.

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