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Elly McLean

Holistic Nutritionist
BHSc Exercise Science & Nutrition

I'm also a mother, marathon runner, smoothie lover and yogi. 

I help active women achieve their health and body composition goals through consultation, testing and custom meal plans.


In working together you can expect we take a 'big picture' view of your health, lifestyle and nutrition so you can feel and be your best.

Based on your needs we will address all or some of the following: gut health, body composition, strategic sports & training nutrition, hormone balance, nervous system support, nutrient deficiency, lifestyle & mindset. 


Fat Loss

Ditch dieting and create a lifestyle geared towards supporting fat loss, longevity, abundant energy, optimal health, confidence and body composition.

We used to think weight loss was a simple function of calories in versus calories out, but that's a hard and stressful model with a slippery slope to a life sentence of restriction. In working together you'll learn what's required for sustainable and healthful fat loss. If you're ready to ditch diets and create a new lifestyle, let's go.

Abundant Energy

Life's too short to need naps, snacks or caffeine to keep you going. 

 These habits will also be holding you back from achieving your ultimate body composition goals.  


If you want to lose body fat you need to burn body fat and because fat is a source of energy, one of the best signs of a metabolism capable of burning fat effectively is stable and abundant energy.  You won't find advice on 'snacking every two hours' to keep energy levels high, here.

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Balanced Hormones

Cravings, 'hangries', '3.30 itis', PMS, painful periods, heavy periods, irregular or missing periods may be common but they're also signs of hormone imbalances that could be holding you back from your ultimate body composition goals.

Creating healthy hormones means using nutrition and lifestyle to create stable, abundant energy and appetite control as well as a predictable, comfortable and ovulatory cycle. When we ovulate is when we make female reproductive hormones - hormones crucial to appetite, fat burning, muscle building, mood, bone mineral density,  immune health and so much more.   

Optimal Gut Health

"All disease begins in the gut" Hippocrates.

It's a big statement and it's true. I also believe optimal health begins in the gut and that's why we use food first, and supplements where required, to optimise gut health and function. If you experience bloating, reflux, food intolerance, constipation, diarrhoea, digestive discomfort, bloody or mucus containing stools, eczema or autoimmunity it's a sign that your gut health could be holding you back from your ultimate body composition goals.

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Image by Bozhin Karaivanov

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What Others are Saying

"I worked with Elly to help improve my irregular menstrual cycles and improve fertility. Elly was very knowledgeable, evidence-based and holistic as well as her suggestions being practical changes that were relatively easy to implement. The changes to my diet were a big part of improving my irregular cycles and not having any issues with conceiving as well as just feeling healthier. Thanks Elly".

Julie, Physiotherapist


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