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I went plant-based in 2011 after learning that the average fast food chicken is slaughtered at just 18 days of age. Half that of the average chicken being raised for human consumption. I didn't want to contribute to an industry that  was forced to raise animals in the most un-natural of ways and I didn't want to expose my body to unnecessary hormones and antibiotics. 




Recipes and articles on all things 'plant-based'.  Via this website I hope to inspire you to eat more plants and educate you on doing it in the most nutritious, most sustainable way possible. Explore articles and recipes via the blog and consider additional support through  Plant Based Kick Starter. 



 The food industry is one of the top four causes of inhumane treatment of animals. For many, it's this understanding that triggers the sequence of events leading to a more plant focused diet. 


According to a report released earlier this year by academics at John Hopkins University, individuals could cut their food related greenhouse gas emissions by 60% if they exchanged two in every three meals for a plant based meal. The change was even greater for an entirely plant based diet.


A lower carbohydrate, whole food and plant based diet offers protection against inflammation and inflammatory associated conditions such as metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune conditions and even cancer.  It will also support appetite control, stable weight, stable energy, a robust gut microbiome and glowing skin.

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