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A premium four or six month weight loss program. A life changing opportunity. A launching pad to you living a longer, healthier, happier life at the weight you want to be.

If you’re a present or past calorie counter, you probably know all too well the feelings associated with significant calorie restriction. The fatigue, hunger, cravings, mood swings, energy swings, fear of fats, fear of certain foods and an almost constant preoccupation with food. Not to mention the frustration involved in achieving fleeting results or worse, none at all, to then be left with even worse energy levels and appetite control.

Expect the opposite here...

Expect tailored and targeted nutrition and lifestyle support.  


Expect to clear the confusion surrounding how and what to do to support your health and weight goals. For good! 

Mind Body Makeover

Are you ready?

I can't wait to teach you what's required for sustainable and healthful fat loss. Along the journey you will gain appetite control, abundant energy, stable mood and confidence - in yourself, your body and your food choices.



  • 1 x 90 minute Initial Consultation where I'll carry out an in depth analysis of your goals, health history, current symptoms and needs so that we can lay incredibly tailored foundations for your Makeover needs.

  • 4 x 45 minute Follow-up Consultations where we'll discuss blood test results, progress to date, trouble shoot road-blocks and progress your nutrition and supplements accordingly. We'll also explore other lifestyle factors, such as exercise, mindless eating and stress management in more detail, because if left unaddressed these will hold you back from achieving your Makeover goals.

  • 4 x 15 minute Check in Chats which are your opportunity between longer Follow-up Consultations to ask quick questions, seek support and encouragement, discuss your meal planning or address acute needs (for instance, if you fall ill or are injured).

  • Tailored recipes & meal planning including easy to prepare, delicious recipes carefully tailored to your macronutrient needs, nutritional needs and preferences.

Body Makeover Premium also includes: 

  • Email support between appointments

  • Unlimited 15 minute Check in Chats which are your opportunity between longer Follow-up Consultations to ask quick questions, seek support and encouragement, discuss your meal planning or address acute needs (for instance, if you fall ill or are injured). Book weekly if you want to!

  • Comprehensive blood testing so that we can uncover any needs early and truly personalise your Makeover plan. Valued at AUD$500.

  • WhatsApp communication with me, meaning you've got my constant support. 48 hour turn around Monday - Friday. 

  • A welcome supplement pack so that you have the basics required to get started.  Valued at AUD$150.

  • 10% off practitioner grade supplements. 

  • Weekly check ins from me, to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your tailored program.

  • Access to exclusive packages following your Makeover should you need or wish to keep working with me.


What to Expect

Below is a demonstration of what to expect from the four month Mind Body Makeover.

Month 1 

Initial Consultation

This is where we conduct an in depth review of your health history and analysis of symptoms. I take the time to learn about your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and past barriers to success. I use this to identify testing needs and create your foundational nutritional, supplement and lifestyle recommendations. Expect details on meal composition, meal timing and recipe suggestions.

Month 1

1st Follow-up

Expect an assessment of your progress to date as well as your functional blood test review - review is based on optimal reference ranges required to support your weight and optimal health goals, not simply just the ‘norm’. We’ll use this information to refine your nutrition and supplement protocol. 

Month 2 & 3

2nd & 3rd Follow-up

We review your progress to date and adjust your protocol accordingly. Depending on your specific needs this is where we'll delve more deeply into the areas that could be holding you back from your ultimate body composition including hormone imbalance, training, meal composition, meal timing, stress, sleep, inflammation and/or gut health.  

Month 4

4th Follow-up

We review your progress on initial symptoms discussed and adjust your protocol accordingly. Also expect to evaluate a repeat blood test, should results be ready.

Email support, WhatsApp support and access to 15 minute Check in Chats are available throughout.

Four months from your Initial Consultation to complete your Program

The six month program is designed for those with more complex or longer standing health issues who may require additional testing or more time to address test results and health concerns. If you think this may be you, please enquire about this option in your Application Call.

What Others are Saying

"Elly introduced me to the world of fat adaptation for increased energy and sustainable weight loss and I have never looked back".

Isabel, Mother & Teacher



  • Mind Body Makeover Paid In Full: AUD$1,454 ex GST. 

  • Mind Body Makeover Premium: AUD$2,400 ex GST. 

Payment plans are available. Request details in your Application Call.

Depending on your circumstances 6 month plans are available. Your needs will be determined in your Application Call.


If you are Australian based and your private health insurance package includes 'Nutrition' your program will be redeemable. Please request instructions in your Application Call. Note this is not applicable to ARHG insurance. 

Are you ready?

The first step is to book your Application Call.  

A complimentary 30minute discussion with Elly to determine if the Mind Body Makeover is suited to you.

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