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Please contact me if you're unsure of where to start with making your booking.  


Consultations are available Tuesday and Wednesday's via The Natural Nutritionist in Melbourne. 

Seed Chiropractic, 406 Hampton St, Hampton, 3188


Consultations are available Thursday and Friday's in Torquay. 


It's All Yoga, 2a Baines Crescent, Torquay, 3228.


Virtual consultations are available Monday - Friday.  

Tuesday & Wednesday: please see the 'Melbourne' booking details. For the rest of the week, use the form below.


Appointments will be held via FaceTime or Zoom. 

What Others are Saying

"Through Elly’s holistic approach, I now have more nutritional structure to my plant-based diet and my chronic pain has significantly been reduced. An unexpected but life changing result that I will be forever thankful for".

Doug, Plant Based