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If you're carrying extra weight, feel tired, sluggish, experience inconsistent energy, need sweet or salty fixes to pick you up and are just fed up, this Masterclass is for YOU


This is not a Masterclass about how to eat less and exercise more. Where's the strategy in that? (!). I have a hunch that if you're here, you already know that's not a sustainable weight loss strategy. 


If you have tried calorie counting, excessive exercise and/or excessive calorie restriction and experienced weight loss only to see it all come back on again, or worse, no change at all, then you're not alone. This session is for YOU


If you're experiencing low mood, feel inflamed and / or your Dr has made comments about the state of your liver, blood glucose levels, insulin levels and / or cholesterol levels, this session is for YOU


You see, the research tells us that there are fundamental flaws in excessive calorie restriction and/or excessive exercise. The real secret to burning body fat is to optimise every cell, system and organ in your body. When you feel good and have the energy, you will be able to burn the excess energy being stored as body fat. How do you do that? Join me for this Masterclass and find out. 


I'm a degree qualified Nutritionist with six years of clinical experience in helping women to lose body fat and I'm passionate about bringing evidence and health to the forefront of fat loss. 


What YOU will learn from this Masterclass is: 

- Why the "strategy" of 'eating less and exercising more' doesn't work

- Why the "strategy" of 'if it fits your macros' doesn't work

- The role of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in body composition

- How to build your plate for macronutrient balance, micronutrient density, satiety and fat burning

- The relevance of nutrient timing

- The pathology required to help YOU tailor your approach to nutrition

- The possible barriers to your success that you HAD NOT even considered before

- So much more! 


Boost your knowledge! 


Boost your confidence! 


Boost your quality of life!


BONUS: just for purchasing this Masterclass if you are Australian based you will have access to a complimentary insulin check (blood test) valued at $AUD54. Details are provided within the Masterclass. 

Masterclass: Burn Fat For Fuel

GST Included
    • Access to 90minute Masterclass recording
    • Access to presentation slides
    • Access to complimentary Insulin check valued at $AUD54
    • See below for details on Masterclass content 
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