I trust that if you’ve found yourself here it’s not through lack of access to nutrition information.

My passion for doing what I do is because I want to cut through the bias of media and social media and connect people with nutrition that is right for them; food to fuel optimal health.


My practice is holistic in nature which means rather than treating symptoms alone, through consultation and functional testing we get to the root of health challenges and identify areas for optimising. We use diet to set the strongest of foundations and, where necessary, supplements to bridge the gap or speed up the healing process. 


If you’re after advice on real food for metabolic efficiency, gut health, sports performance, training nutrition, fat loss and longevity then I would love to work with you. Let's do it! 


Take control of your health, nutrition and lifestyle. Whatever your current diet is, I'll carefully evaluate it and together we'll formulate a plan to help you smash your chosen health goals. Let's go!


Breaking down barriers and bring people closer to optimal health is what I love to do. If you'd like to bring this to your community, whether it be a workplace, squad or gym then please enquire with me about seminar options.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions about the service best suited to you.

Otherwise, let's go! 


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