Achieve Digestive Ease

We used to say you are what you eat, we now know that you are what you digest and absorb.


In cases of food intolerances, digestive discomfort, irritable bowel like symptoms and nutrient deficiency, optimising gut health is a must. We start by assessing your functional digestive capacity and microbiome using functional testing. We then tailor your diet and supplement regime to best support your current health end goals. 


If you suffer from any of the above mentioned symptoms and are ready to improve your quality of life, this program is for you. During the course of the program you can expect to ease bloating, achieve consistent bowel motions, improve nutrient status and understand what you can (and can’t) eat for the long term. 


  • 1 x 60 minute Initial Consultation

  • 4 x 45 minute Follow-up Consultations 

  • Email, phone support and/or food diary reviews between appointments

  • Documented notes following each appointent

  • Meal planning 

  • Test result discussion 



  • In your Initial Consultation we establish meal building, meal timing, nutrient timing requirements and test requirements

  • In your follow up consultation we refine your nutrition and analyse test results if available

  • In subsequent appointments we discuss your progress to date and required focuses for the month ahead

  • Along the journey we also address lifestyle, any additional results and nutrient deficiencies



  • Required: blood tests (covered by Medicare) will be discussed in your Initial Consultation

  • Required: Complete GI Map (AUD$380) or Metabiome (AUD$ 350) or local equivalents will be a requirement



  • Supplements will be prescribed based on your future goals and test results.

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What Others are Saying

"My plant based diet was originally driven by ethics and now it's well and truly a combination of ethics and health. Thank you for helping to expand my focus, Elly. I will always appreciate seeing nutrition through this new light.".