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Episode 43: The Histamine Hormone Connection With Naturopath Elizma Lambert

Today I’m joined by Naturopath, Homeopath, Nutritionist and GAPS practitioner Elizma Lambert. She has a passionate interest in nutrigenomics (which includes genes such as MTHFR and COMT) which has expanded to mitochondrial function, redox signalling, calcium signalling, neurotransmitters, dietary influences, mold biotoxin toxicity, and the gut microbiome.

In this episode Elizma explains what histamine intolerance is and the common symptoms including hayfever, eczema and congested sinus through to the less commonly known symptoms such as food sensitivities and disturbances to circulation and muscle contraction. She also helps to differentiate between histamine intolerance and mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) as well as the testing options available and how important it is to establish root cause for histamine related symptoms. You will learn that taking an antihistamine really is just a bandaid solution and that in actual fact digging more deeply to treat the influence of any or all underlying causes such as hormone imbalance, genetics, SIBO, gut microbial dysbiosis, ‘leaky gut’, excessively high histamine intake and of course nutritional deficiencies should be your goal.

We discuss low histamine diets, gut health, genetics and the influence of histamines on hormones and vice versa. Making this episode incredibly relevant to women of reproductive age with either symptoms of histamine intolerance or hormone imbalance including painful periods, fertility challenges and more. If you’re unsure of whether your symptoms are connected, tune in because Elizma will help you understand it.

I was blown away by Elzima’s ability to make very complex topics seem so simple. I hope you enjoy listening to her as much as I enjoyed talking with her.


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