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Talking Nutritionelly Episode 30: Developing a Relationship With Your GP With Dr Lucy Burns.

In Episode 30 I welcome Dr Lucy Burns back to the show, she is a General Practitioner (GP) specialising in Lifestyle Medicine. She in based in Frankston just south of Melbourne, Australia. She graduated from Monash Medical school in 1993 and received her fellowship with the RACGP in 1998. She also has a diploma of obstetrics, a certificate in clinical hypnosis and has board certification as a lifestyle physician with ASLM.

This episode is designed to help you develop a better relationship with your GP by understanding the model in which they work under in Australia. Lucy explains the ‘nudge letters’ being sent to GP’s, the testing that is especially being scrutinised by Medicare and why. She explains the justifications that GP’s must be able to offer Medicare regarding any testing they order and why this may result in you not always being able to receive the testing you request.

If you’ve ever struggled to develop a relationship or obtain testing via your GP then this episode is a must listen.

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