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Kale & Roast Cauli Salad

Homer Simpson was famous for saying "you don't make friend with salad"and I'd like to have you know you can (and you will) make friends with this salad. This Kale & Roast Cauli combo is certainly filling enough to provide a main meal, however in smaller portions it's the perfect addition to a of protein or complimentary salads.

The method may look long, but I promise the whole thing won't take more than an hour of your time and you will feel like an absolute superstar when you nail this salad. You might make some new friends, too!

Ingredients (serves 2)

½ bunch of kale, washed and with the stalks removed

½ large head of cauliflower washed and cut into medium size florets

3 spring onions

1 400g can chickpeas, rinsed and soaked (ideally for up to 8 hours)

¼ cup quinoa, rinsed and soaked (ideally for up to 8 hours)

1 tsp crushed garlic and ginger, combined

½ tsp cayenne pepper

1 ½ tbsp extra virgin cold pressed olive oil

1 tsp salt

Green Cashew Cream

1 cup raw cashews, soaked (ideally for up to 8 hours)

¼ tsp salt

a handful parsley leaves

a small handful mint leaves

the juice of ½ a lemon

½ cup water

¼ tsp salt


Ahead of time: prepare the cashews, quinoa and chickpeas for soaking.

Heat the oven to 180 degrees.

Firstly prepare the chickpeas by tossing them in a bowl with cayenne pepper, a pinch of salt and 1 tsp olive oil. Place on a lined baking tray and bake for 40 minutes, tossing them once or twice throughout. When ready they should be crunchy.

Once the chickpeas are in the oven, use the same bowl to toss the cauliflower florets in 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp crushed ginger and garlic and a good pinch of salt. Place on a seperate lined baking tray and bake for 40 - 50 minutes, tossing a few times throughout.

When ready, they should be golden in areas.

While the chickpeas and cauliflower are cooking, put the quinoa on to cook. Place quinoa and 1 cup water in a put, bring to the boil and then let simmer for about 10 minutes, stirring throughout. The water should almost all be soaked and the quinoa soft and chewy.

Once done, turn the heat off and sit with the lid on until you’re ready to combine with the salad.

While the quinoa is cooking, place the washed and roughly torn kale into a big salad bowl. Top with a drizzle of olive oil and with clean hands, begin to massage.

Chop the spring onion and add to the kale.

As soon as the chickpeas are ready, add them to the bowl of kale and toss.

As soon as the cauliflower is ready, add them to the bowl of kale and toss. The cooked veggies should help to cook the kale a little.

To make the Green Cashew Cream, place everything except the herbs into a blender and bend until thick and creamy.

Add the herbs and blend again until thick and creamy.

Drizzle about a third of the dressing onto the kale and cauliflower salad mix and combine well.

Serve in bowls, top with 1/2 tbsp hemp seeds and additional Green Cashew Cream.


This serves 2 as a main or 4 - 6 if it’s being used as a side.

You should have 2 portions of Green Cashew Cream left for lunch the next day :)

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