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Talking Nutritionelly Episode 12: Glowing Skin From the Inside Out With Jacqueline Evans.

In Episode 12 I welcome Clinical Nutritionist, skin care specialist and founder of Jacqueline Evans skin care. She’s had over 15 years in the wellness industry with experience spanning from pathology lab work to private practice and now in skincare products. She’s incredibly passionate about the healing power of nature and is on a quest to help women fall head over heels in love with their skin and glow with confidence.

If you have a skin care regime and /or skin and digestive challenges, then this is an interview you don’t want to miss. Jacqui talks about the ingredients in skincare products that we need to avoid and why, including parabens, SLS and phthalates. We dive into skin mapping and how you can understand what the skin on your face is trying to tell you simply by where your breakouts and skin issues are. We also look into the gut skin axis, an emerging area of medicine which will totally change the way you think about what your skin and gut. I hope you enjoy this episode.

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