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Talking Nutritionelly Episode 25: A Fresh Perspective on Preconception Nutrition With Steph Lowe.

In Episode 25 we are joined by Steph Lowe, Nutritionist, yogi, mother and founder of The Natural Nutritionist. She has an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a post graduate degree in Human Nutrition. She is a member of the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA) and along with running The Natural Nutritionist she hosts the podcast, Health, Happiness & Human Kind and runs a mentoring program for newly graduated Nutritionists and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches.

In this interview we explore what, in an ideal world, would be addressed in the six months prior to conceiving. We talk in detail about the ideal suite of testing to have done prior to TTC including gut microbiota analysis, blood testing and urine testing. We go into detail on B9 and folate supplementation, the options you have when choosing B9 and why folic acid is not the preferred form. We also discuss the other key nutrients for consideration preconception. There is lots to take on board in this conversation so if you’re considering TTC - get your pens and paper out! Enjoy!



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