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Talking Nutritionelly Episode 17: Nutrient Density & Satiety With Marty Kendall.

In episode 17 I speak Marty Kendall, an engineer with a passion for nutrition which started as a means for supporting his wife who has Type 1 Diabetes. I personally think of Marty as a data driven nutrition researcher, so passionate that he has created programs, written books and developed a whole range of free resources now available on his website.

We discuss the ketogenic diet and why the diet was initially developed but that’s because I wanted Marty to set the scene before diving into the validity of ketogenic diets and ketogenic supplements. More importantly, we discuss blood glucose control, hormone regulation, nutrient density and working with these to achieve satiety and appetite control - the holy grail!

For anyone trying to make sense of calories in v’s calories out and anyone who wonders about their optimal macronutrient split - this is a great episode!

Explore: Follow: @martykendall76. Free Resources: Optimising Nutrition Podcast:

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