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Talking Nutritionelly Episode 20: High Performance Self Care With Shannah Kennedy.

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

In Episode 20 we hear from Shannah Kennedy, high performance Life Coach of 20 years. Best selling author, motivational speaker, transition specialist, Mum, Wife and wellbeing enthusiast. Having suffered chronic fatigue syndrome for many years herself, building a base of wellbeing into each and every client engagement is a critical pillar within Shannah’s approach.

We talk about the ingredients required for calm confidence including learning about who we are, self care and avoiding burn out. Self care is not selfish and it’s not about taking a day a quarter for pampering. It’s setting boundaries, how you talk to your self, making sure you put the theoretical oxygen mask on for yourself before you put it on for anyone else and doing it daily.

Shannah has taught me many tings about life and business that I bring to my clinical practice constantly, which is why I wanted to share her with you, too.

I hope you love learning from Shannah!

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LinkedIn: Shannah Kennedy


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