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Win The Morning, Win The Day!

Updated: May 7

Majority of my clients have a few things in common, they love to move their body, they're smart, they're sick of bouncing from diet to diet, they want more energy, they want to feel better about their body and they want to lose body fat.Want to know what I teach them all and what I'll teach you too?

You don't need another diet, you need to take care of your metabolism.

There are many things that affect metabolism, including:

  • stress

  • exercise

  • hormones

  • nutrient status

  • inflammation

  • sleep

  • muscle mass

  • gender

  • thyroid health

However, simply choosing the right food to break your fast with each day is one of the best things you can do to begin optimising your metabolism. It's enough to help avoid cravings, snacking, peaks and troughs in energy levels, poor training recovery, hormone imbalances, irritability and yes, even fat storage.

If you want to feel first hand the difference a good breakfast makes then join me for the Smoothie Challenge!

You can absolutely expect to nail the start of your day, feel more satisfied and have less cravings by the end of this Challenge.

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