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Episode 38: Eating & Training for Your Cycle With Elly McLean.

In today’s episode I am being interviewed by host of the U4iA health podcast, Matt Sipala.

It was a fun interview on an important topic and I just had to share it with you.

In this we dive into the female menstrual cycle firstly providing details on all of the physiological components involved in a “normal” menstrual cycle. I then explain the the lifestyle factors that can impact achieving a “normal” menstrual cycle including nutrient deficiencies, sleep inadequacy, physical and emotional stress… and the list goes on.

I also explain how we might consider altering the diet and our training choices to better support the fluctuations of the cycle. This is not about feeling bogged down or held back by normal and natural female hormone fluctuations, but rather its about educating and empowering you so that you can embrace your own physiology.

If you want to learn more then please explore the cycle related articles over on my blog. I’ve placed links in the show notes below.

Enjoy the show!

Eating for Your Cycle:

Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle:

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