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Talking Nutritionelly Episode 16: Megan Haralampou on the Gut Hormone Connection.

In Episode 16 I welcome Megan Haralampou, the Biomedical Naturopath. She has a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences majoring in Naturopathic Studies and Complementary Medicine. She has a passion for bringing evidence-based practice to holistic health and that is exactly why I wanted her on the show.

We talk about the difference between having ‘optimal’ test results versus ‘in range’ test results, which really is the hallmark of a functional health practitioner. Megan explains the optimal windows for hormone testing as well the common pictures of female hormone imbalance. We explore toxin exposure, the Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP) exposure and the gut hormone connection. If you’ve ever been told you have oestrogen dominance, have a history of PMS, irregular periods or even digestive discomfort, if you’ve been thinking of coming off the OCP then this episode is an absolute ‘must listen’ for you.

Explore: Follow: @thebiomedicalnaturopath. Hormone Blood Testing Guide: Blood Test Cheat Sheet: The Ultimate Guide to PCOS:

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