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Episode 45: Mismanagement of Hypothyroid Conditions With Nutritionist Steph Lowe

Today I welcome Steph Lowe, the Natural Nutritionist back to the show. She has appeared on the show a number of times, so hopefully needs no introduction.

Steph recently released her Masterclass - Understanding Low Thyroid which is why I invited her on to share a sneak peek with you! This episode if full of incredible information on hypothyroid (low thyroid) including signs of low thyroid and the physiology of thyroid hormones. Steph unpacks the many potential root causes of low thyroid, including nutrient deficiencies stealth infection and autoimunity. I also ask Steph the question “is thyroxine a life sentence” to which she explains why if you have a thyroid, there is alway the possibility that you may not require thyroxine for life.

I hope you enjoy listening to Steph as much as I enjoy talking with her. If you want to further your knowledge then I highly recommend her Masterclass which you can access via her instagram or wesbite. See links below.

Listen on Spotify.

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Listen on Soundcloud.

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