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Episode 49: Explaining RED-S - relative energy deficiency in sports With Elly McLean

This week I am interviewed by Matt Sipala to discuss a sports nutrition related topic that isn’t spoken about much and that is Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport OR RED-S. When I was studying at university it was a condition actually referred to as the Female Athlete Triad, but as you’ll learn from listening to this episode, it has had a re-brand in recent years.

RED-S is a serious condition which can adversely affect the health and performance of athletes when there is a negative balance between dietary energy intake and the energy expenditure. More commonly associated but not limited to endurance based athletes, RED-S can both be present in males and females ranging from your elite level athlete to your everyday athlete. In this episode I explain in detail what RED-S is, the symptoms, the early warning signs and the risks associated with having it.

If you have a history of disordered eating or are an athlete that pushes the boundaries or historically doesn’t listen to their body that well, this episode is for you.

Disclaimer: This episode mentions eating disorders which may be triggering for some listeners, so listen with caution.

It’s such an important topic. So please share this with anyone whom you think may benefit from listening! I hope you enjoy the show!

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