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Talking Nutritionelly Episode 31: Foundations for Sports Nutrition With Elly McLean.

This week you’ll be hearing from me on the foundations of sports nutrition. I’m a qualified Nutritionist, marathon runner and yogi that is passionate about helping people enjoy fueling their body to become the best version of themselves and in this episode you’ll hear even more about my journey into sports nutrition.

You will also learn the importance of post-workout recovery meals and what to put in them, including the types of protein powder to consider. I detail pre-training nutrition options including what constitutes as a fasted workout and when it’s appropriate. We discuss tailoring your workouts in response to what your body is saying and where you are in your menstrual and finally we briefly touch on strategic sports fuelling.

This is a jam packed and great episode if you’ve wanted to get clarification on sports nutrition fundamentals.

Of course, nutrition is relative so if you need tailored advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The podcast will be going on hold for two weeks, so have a fabulous Christmas and New Year.

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