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Talking Nutritionelly Episode 27: Getting Behind Mens Health & Movember With Ben Edusei.

In today’s episode I interview Ben Edusei in support of Movember and Men’s health. Ben is an ex international level soccer player who’s on a personal mission is to help change the face of men’s health. To support, educate, and as a trainer, create plans that are focused on personalisation, prevention & protection.

After losing his dad at 54 and father in law at 58, he has endured the pain of losing influential men well before their time. He’s also gone through his own struggles both physically and mentally. He attributes his ability to overcome the adversity to the supportive people around him who, over time, allowed him to open up and get back to his best

Today he is a personal trainer, Lululemon and Movember ambassador.

I hope you can share this episode with the important men in your life, especially those who need a little motivation to speak out and up.

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