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Talking Nutritionelly Episode 26: Understanding Calorie Balance With Elly McLean.

In this week’s episode the tables have turned and you’ll hear me being interviewed by recent guest, Nutritionist, Mentor and dear friend Steph Lowe. This episode originally aired on her podcast and it was so popular that I wanted to share it with my audience directly.

I think it was popular because in it we get down to the very basics and take you back to the beginning of the science of calories. In it I break down the energy balance model of fat loss and we look at what a calorie is, how they are consumed and how they are stored by the human body. I share the flaws associated with relying on devices to track calorie consumption and expenditure. I also discuss how calories from different sources can have different effects on the body.

It’s a jam packed episode sure to shed some light for anyone interested in learning more about the energy content of their food. Most of all, I hope it empowers those with a strong history of calorie counting to look at things from a new perspective.

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