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Episode 48: Pelvic Pain, Endometriosis, Treatment & Fertility With Dr Thea Bowler

Dr Thea Bowler is a general gynaecologist & fertility specialist. Thea has post-fellowship training in laparoscopic surgery, endometriosis and pelvic pain and provides care for women seeking hysterectomy, fibroid treatment and management of ovarian cysts. She regularly works with adolescents and women on hormonal conditions including PCOS, menstrual disturbance, menopause medicine, PMS and PMDD.

Thea has completed a pain management course and has published several academic articles, including most recently, a guideline on the management of pelvic pain flares. She has written chapters for a seminal Australian textbook in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and continues to be involved in research and medical education. She is well across the research, which is very evident in our interview!

In this episode we discuss the complexities of treating pelvic pain and why endometriosis surgery is not your only option, as well as why it shouldn’t be your only option. Thea explains the connection between inflammation, immune health, gut health, hormones, pelvic floor tightness and endometriosis as well as endometriosis pain. She explains why as part of a holistic treatment strategy, all of these connections should be addressed for optimal patient outcomes. We also touch on fertility and how surgery may or may not benefit fertility outcomes.

If you love listening to Thea and need support, Thea does treat virtually so I encourage you to explore her offerings in the show notes. I wish more women suffering pelvic pain had access to Dr’s like Thea!


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