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Episode 53: Our Birth & Postpartum Journey To Date

Welcome back for part 2 of Episode 52, our birth & postpartum story to date. Today you’ll hear me being interviewed by Jade Spears from the Birth & Postpartum Diaries Podcast . This interview was conducted at about 8 weeks postpartum and in it I share on my experience with breastfeeding, including a mastitis scare, how I’ve navigated sleep deprivation, what support systems I had in place for the fourth trimester, how I’ve been able to nourish myself to support optimal recovery and so much more!

In listening to this episode you will receive practical advice on how to eat well in the postpartum period so that you and your family can thrive.

This is the final in a two part series on my preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum story. I hope you enjoy it!

Also a note to advise that after a year of the podcast, it's taking a winter break. Episode 54 will be aired in four weeks!

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