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Episode 52: Our Preconception, Pregnancy & Birth Story

Today's episode is a little more personal than normal, but to mark the end of my maternity leave I thought it was fitting. Today you’ll hear me being interviewed by Jade Spears from the Birth & Postpartum Diaries Podcast where I share my story of preconception, pregnancy, labour and birth. It’s raw and personal, but there are also plenty of takeaways in here for anyone who’s thinking about conceiving, is trying to conceive or who is pregnant.

You’ll hear about:

- The importance of preconception testing and what testing I chose to do to prepare for pregnancy

- How Bella’s conception took longer than expected

- The importance of continuity of care in pregnancy and birth

- An alternative to the oral glucose tolerance test (OGGT) for gestational diabetes testing

- My exercise and movement plan in pregnancy

- What I ate while pregnant

- How I managed the first trimester morning sickness and food preference changes

- How I managed (and overcame) pelvic girdle pain

The big message that I believe is so important because I did the opposite, is why I believe we must practice surrendering in birth and not grip too tightly to a "birth plan”.

Stay tuned for part two on my postpartum journey.

I hope you enjoy and get lots from this episode.

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