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Talking Nutritionelly Episode 21: Younger Skin Starts in the Gut With Dr Nigma Talib.

Dr Nigma Talib is a Naturopathic Doctor of 20 years and leading authority on holistic health. She is also the founder of Healthydoc clinics and the author of best selling books “Reverse the Signs of Ageing” and “Younger Skin Starts in the Gut”.

She has lectured all over the world and to name a few she has appeared is a key note lecturer for the “In Goop health” seminars and podcasts as well as business of fashion and functional laboratory education, where hundreds of practitioners in all walks of medicine unite globally. Dr. Nigma has been awarded by the Princeton Global Professional and Business Leaders in recognition of her work as "a pioneer and leader to the Naturopathic medical profession and to have provided immeasurable contributions to healthcare."

We’re very lucky to have her on the show.

In this episode Nigma introduces us to the ‘four faces of ageing’, to help you become your own skin health detective. She also explains what it is that leads to early signs of ageing and defines the term’ digest-ageing’ for us. So hint, in listening to this interview you will understand how your gut and diet are directly contributing to your unwanted signs of ageing such as pigmentation, skin saging & redness, fine lines and even wrinkles. I have a feeling you’ll be making some changes to your traditional skin care routine after listening to Dr Nigma Talib.

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