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Episode 36: From Burnout to Bliss With Dr Fiona Enkelmann.

Dr Fiona Enkelmann is a Transformation Coach - helping women to overcome physical, emotional and spiritual burnout to find their bliss. Burnout first showed up in Fiona’s life while she was working as an emergency doctor, pushing for perfection, crumbling and overwhelmed by anxiety —while doing everything she could to ignore how rotten she-felt. When her body responded by developing a tremor, she knew she had no choice but to stop, reflect and make some changes.

I wanted Fiona to share her story and her work on the show because I believe so many women today are experiencing all or one of physical, emotional & spiritual burnout and that addressing this is fundamental to presenting our best selves, living our best life and achieving peak health & performance.

In this episode we talk about Fiona's story, the signs of burnout, the physiology of burnout and what you need to know about recovering from burnout.

If you resonate with Fiona’s story and feel as though burnout could be holding you back, then I invite you to listen to this episode and also to explore her Burnout to Bliss program and My Blissful Life Program.

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