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Talking Nutritionelly Episode 29: The Science of Skin Centred Nutrition with Dr Tim Crowe.

This week I am joined by Dr Tim Crowe, he is a career research scientist and educator who holds holds a BSc(Hons), MNutrDiet and PhD. He has an impressive 30 year research career which spans laboratory molecular biology research right through to clinical nutrition trials. He is co-author of the text book Understanding Nutrition, now in its fifth edition, that any Australian Nutrition or Dietetics Student will be very familiar with.

He loves to communicate important nutrition messages to the public in plain and simple language so he also writes for many consumer publications and speaks regularly to the general public and medical professionals through seminars, workshops, conferences and media.

This episode is jam packed and perfect for skin conscious listeners in the lead up to summer. We get into the detail on Collagen supplements including what the research says on type, dose and duration. Some of what Tim shared was even news to me and I’m sure it’ll enlighten you, too. Tim also shares on the most research nutrients for skin health including vitamin A, essential fatty acids and good old H20. You will be blown away by Tim’s explanation of the UV properties of carotenoids, among many other things. This episode is a must listen ahead of summer!

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