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Episode 50: Could Your PCOS Actually be Hypothalamic Amenorrhea? With Elly McLean

In today’s episode I’m interviewed by my friend and colleague Steph Lowe on the topic of hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA) and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Female hormonal conditions commonly mistaken for one another which, as you will learn in this episode, has possibly grave impplications on recovery.

You will learn about HA and the reasons for why this evolutionary protective mechanism exists. We then discuss PCOS, the Rotterdam criteria for diagnosis, how it differs to polycystic ovaries, the most common causes for it and the role of the oral contraceptive pill. We also discuss the problems with classifying an irregular period, amenorrhea or HA as PCOS, the prevalence of misdiagnoses, testing, treatment and so much more.

This is such an important topic. It’s one that I face in clinic all of the time because unfortunately a diagnosis of HA is often overlooked and a diagnosis of PCOS is so often poorly understood.

I hope you learn something new.

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