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Do You Need to Address Stress?

I want you to complete this sentence: 'I've never felt the same since...' If your response is 'since becoming a mother' then please keep reading.

I'm a new mother and highly conscious of supporting my stress levels in these early postpartum weeks. However, I want you to know that it's never too late in your postpartum journey to address stress and start supporting your nervous system. So many of the women I see in clinic regarding weight loss are tired, depleted and stressed. It gets in the way of their ability to lose weight and it all started because they never truly nourished themselves and addressed stress early in their postpartum journey.

Here are a 10 key considerations to supporting the nervous system postpartum:

  1. Eat a protein rich meal before 10am. This helps to mitigate excessive morning cortisol production.

  2. Supplement with activated B vitamins. Specifically B6, B9 and B12 to support hormones, neurotransmitters and adrenal health.

  3. Supplement with magnesium. So important to support the stress of the postpartum period and the adrenal glands. There are some great magnesium and active B vitamin blends available in Australia.

  4. Introduce Ashwagandha. An adaptogenic herb considered safe for breastfeeding that helps to adjust to the increased pressures of postpartum. A powder goes wonderfully in my Mushroom & Cacao Hot Choccie.

  5. Supplement with vitamin D. To support an immune system most likely being challenged by stress and sleep deprivation.

  6. Introduce Omega-3. To prevent postpartum depression and reduce inflammation.

  7. Minimise caffeine intake. Excess caffeine promotes excess cortisol - need I say more?

  8. Treat any identified iron deficiency. Iron health is critical to thyroid health, energy levels and sleep quality.

  9. Now is not the time to 'diet'. It certainly is not! Now is the time to view food as nourishment and every bite as being an opportunity to consume important nutrients. Calorie deficits are quite possibly what got you into this position in the first place!

  10. Indulge in something you love. Take time everyday to savour some bites or sips of something that makes you feel 'hugged'. I personally look forward to having a mug of my Mushroom Cacao Hot Choccie with Ashwagandha every day.

Of course, this isn’t tailored advice, so although the supplements listed above are safe for most women I do recommend seeing a practitioner who can provide you with quality supplements and advice on whether anything else is required. If you want my support please don't hesitate to ask. I return to the clinic in June 2023 and am currently booked out until early August so please book a complementary 15 minute Discovery Call if you’d like to be waitlisted or considered for a consultation in August.

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