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Does Your Metabolism Need an Overhaul?

Of course, a calorie deficit must be present for fat loss to occur but this alone won’t always do the job. For sustainable and healthy fat loss and fat burning there needs to be calorie restriction in the presence of a healthy metabolism.

If you've tried calorie restriction (extreme or not) and have found your progress is stagnant or non existent then it's likely you haven't taken care of the state of your metabolism. Other, early warning signs, of a less than optimal or inefficient metabolism include cravings for sweet or carbohydrate rich foods, not being able to go longer than three hours without getting hungry (or hangry), ups and down in energy levels, adult acne and feelings of inflammation.

If you suspect your metabolism needs work, and/or you're holding onto excess body fat and want to understand why and what to do about it, then I invite you to join me for my upcoming Masterclass: Burn Fat For Fuel. Dec 5th, 7.30pm AEDT.

Will you join me?